Bug Health Resort

Dear foreign visitors!

 Subsidiary unitary company “Bug Health Resort” has obtained a Certificate of Conformity in tourism services administration. Now you can visit our health center and stay there without a visa for up to 15 days.

 In order to obtain the required documents, you need to:

 -  book a tour and formalise a contract, contact us via phone: +375 1641-68-722, +375 29 866 866 9 MTS or via e-mail: bug-marketing@mail.ru;

-  specify your border crossing point;

-  provide your contact details;

-  pay for the tour;

-  provide a passport copy (passport scan) for registration and formalisation of a document of a standard form enabling you to visit the health resort;

-  print out, sign and present the document received by e-mail when crossing the Belarusian border.

 If you travel without a visa, you need to present the following documents when crossing the border:

 -  a valid document for travelling abroad (passport);

-  a document of a standard form enabling you to visit the health resort issued by the “Bug Health Resort” tour operator;

-  health insurance for the period of stay in the Republic of Belarus;

-  when entering the Republic of Belarus, you are to have a sum of money equivalent to at least 2 base values set in the Republic of Belarus for each day of stay.


“Bug Health Resort” is located in the Republic of Belarus 30 km away from Brest; it belongs to the Belarusian Federation of Trade Unions. The health resort can accommodate 500 people.

Health resort medical facilities provide an opportunity to treat such diseases as: circulatory system diseases, respiratory system diseases, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases.

A wide variety of therapeutic procedures, over 200 types, is available in the health resort: balneological treatment, air gas baths, various types of massage, SPA treatment, compression and vacuum therapy, vacuum-compression therapy with the VACUMED machine, various physiotherapeutic procedures, inhalation, speleotherapy, aroma- and phytotherapy, including the advanced “Magnitoturbotron”, hyperbaric chamber, carboxytherapy. Beauty care and dental services are available; as well as psychotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture therapy, hirudotherapy.

Advanced diagnostics: ultrasound scanning, ultrasound osteodensitometry, non-invasive blood test, peripheral and central circulation examination, external respiration examination, ECG.

Single and double rooms, double rooms with two rooms are available to the visitors.

In the health resort, the visitors are provided with five meals daily with a made-to-order menu and a buffet.

A widescale entertainment programme is provided: excursions, concerts, dancing parties, traditional holidays, facilities for active recreation.

The cost for 1 bed per day comprises from 25,0 Euros to 38,4 Euros.


Dear Guests!

Unitary subsidiary company “Bug Health Resort” invites you to visit our health center and stay there WITHOUT A VISA UP TO 15 DAYS.

We are looking forward to receiving your calls.

tel. +375 1641 68 722, 68 719
     +375 29 866 866 9
     +375 29 366 866 7
e-mail: bug-marketing@mail.ru